Corona pandemic had a drastic change on not only me but it really affected my day to day life too. Hearing about the effects of this disease on the people with low immunity, I was the one really taken care of in my entire family. I being a person with low immunity and more prone to this disease if I caught hold of it, my parents were really scared and careful about me and my routine, everything like what I eat to what I wear to where I go or who I meet, I was the one with the most restrictions in my house. 

I literally didn’t go out of my house for 3 months straight or you can say partially I wasn’t allowed. Already due to the submissions and work I didn’t get time to go out or chill with my friends before lockdown, but soon this lockdown caged me but everyone into our houses.

There are a lot of experiences of people be it good or bad, some people hated being home even if they were introverts, and some loved it even if they were extroverts. Personally I loved being home because for me it had become very difficult to spend time with my family and friends the entire year before lockdown. But lockdown gave me this great opportunity to fulfill it.

At first, after completing my final design jury and exams, I binged into watching some series and movies. But everything done in excess can lead to a great boredom, and I need something new to do every other month so as to keep my interest glued into doing things I love doing. The screen time exceeded my limit and I totally stopped it and started using that time in creating memories with my family and friends.  The experience was really very precious as it took me to my childhood days, the same fun, the same joy I felt a decade back! Following my passion and doing what I loved doing though being at home, I did every possible thing I longed for since a good amount of time  Maybe, this sort of tragic event or experience of being forcefully locked inside our houses is once in a lifetime. Not only personal lives of people, but economical, commercial, educational and in many other sectors, everyone and everything has suffered a lot because of this. 

This was just a glimpse of what I felt and experience during this lockdown which managed to totally change me as a person.

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