This lockdown period has brought all of us to rely on the digital medium to connect with our colleagues, friends, and social circles. Distances have collapsed and the interactions across the globe have increased. Communication now happens across buildings, neighbourhoods, cities and even countries with a flash of a second over google meet screens, zoom meetings, Microsoft teams, Whatsapp calls, google duo, and many more such platforms. These newer ways of connectedness somehow have created distinct disconnect. 

This disconnect is of the warmth, of the pause, of those unspoken conversations which used to take place between two individuals. I struggle to have that awkward silence, to have that space  to pause to build my thoughts, to have that time and that space to be myself and to open out my thoughts. The digital medium definitely generated new connections and created new bridges. And will eventually create the new pause, new variables of unspoken conversations and the new awkward in the digital connections. The disconnect with the old times still prevail.

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