This lockdown has slowed down time for me. Especially when there is no work or lectures. This slowing of time made me start observing various different things throughout the day. All these different things are of various different scales and all these things come out from various different kinds of interests I have in things. These might be things which I always wanted to observe or do but couldn’t cos of work.

I finally got to start planting shrubs on my balcony. I usually had never done this but I have now started observing every tiny new leaf that grows and its fascinating to track its growth.

Then I started trying to use my action figure to click photos using them. It brought a new perspective of using the small toys to make them look at the actual scale using the camera.

During summers I started to see lots of space videos on YouTube and astrophotography. Though I don’t have a proper setup to do it I managed to capture the moon, Jupiter, and Saturn using my camera in a single frame.

I am sure I would not have done anything from the things above if not because of the lockdown.

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