Binge watching a Gen-Z term that has recently become a part of everyday. It existed as a practice since a few years but it’s reach was limited due to the availability of the internet and the capacity and cost of devices available to transfer large amounts of data (here I mean several GBSs) like pendrive and hard-drives (feels so small now). With the facility of Streaming Media, in platforms beyond TV, wrapped under the power asserting statements like “at your demand”, “you choose what you watch”, “No-ads to distract you” Netflix had made its niche with the only accelerant left was unlimited Data (for whom though).

With the introduction of Jio, Netflix just got it’s dream fulfilled. The series of lockdowns that were triggered by the virus forced people indoors with nothing much to do. Gradually people did shift to art, a few took up old interests and many PAID online streaming services. By 2020 there are several platforms, each fighting to get more viewer and establishing them as a bigger player by creating more exclusive content for ‘users’.

I observed people who have never let a rickshawala go because they didn’t have exact change, pay for the first time (This is despite having cable already). This shift is stark in the pandemic because a large population of people actually watched these content while travelling to kill time or at night, which was mostly transferred to them via some friend, who themselves collected it from someone else. Thus the sources of distribution were limited. Since that social connection is cut now, they have completely surrendered to the apps. These content gets personalized for all by an AI with a specific definition of success with does not care for moral. The ads, the genre become more specific and better at targeting someone as days pass by where I now see more and more people being glued to the screen.

Be it a family dinner, a movie night, date, boring afternoon, commute, sleepless nights or even going to the restroom.

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