So, I didn’t experience many changes in my street where I lived. Since the place is not largely crowded as if you are sitting outside on a veranda and looking on the street you’ll notice that nothing has changed. There’s nothing like a pandemic situation or a lockdown. However, this situation changes within two months cause the first case was found. Then everything had become strict. The stores are all closed for many days, transportation has been stopped, traveling from one place to another is been restricted as checking had increased. Similarly in the house, people started to hesitate to visit another house. If anyone visits our house after the person left the house my father immediately starts cleaning and sanitizing the place where that person has touched. The thing is not that they are scared but they are more protective towards the family. But this leads to much workload for my mother. However, she managed that easily. The first time in my house it has happened that the food material and stuff which are bought and kept as it is. No one touches them before 3 days. Even if you are hungry and if I bought something from the store to eat my parents told me to first go and wash that packet of food and then eat. While talking to each other now everyone is keeping distance, and this emerged in our body. Everyone keeping a safe distance and mask while talking. Also, everyone is now health-conscious. So everyone started to go for a walk. The people who are lazy in the early days now wake up at 4.30 in the morning and go walking.

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