The world was in fear of the entire covid situation in the beginning, but with months passing by humans tend to accept and adapt to changes, decreasing the fear gradually. But for my dad this fear multiplied at an extent of him developing a phobia for it. As a symptom OCD gets exhibited in literally his every action like repeatedly washing hands, re-sanitizing same surfaces to be double sure, overdoubting every precaution and hence overdoing them, getting irritated and angry if his overdoing is questioned or not readily accepted by us, experimenting on like hundreds of teas and kaadhas to keep no stone unturned. I understood this extremity in the second month of lockdown, when we shifted to tetra packed milk and got cartons that could last at least a fortnight or a month to stop getting out on a daily basis, he not only takes a bath after coming from outside but also insist on washing the bathroom floor and tiles or wherever else  his bathwater might have touched(bathwater assumed to have coronavirus!), with this OCD  buying, washing ,drying groceries by following an unreasonably long  system becomes a full day job which also happens only twice a month to avoid going out regularly ,the list just goes on and on. There was a huge impact on his mental health with work, fear, stress ,arguments on disagreements with his fear etc. He lost about 10-12 kgs in the last 5 months because anxiety! Now we have made our peace with his phobia that keeps him calm, stopped cribbing about how much he is overreacting  and very sensitively & gradually are trying to talk him through the reality, by giving examples from around to re boost his confidence and help him to see ways we can start living our lives with the pandemic rather than jailing ourselves.

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