Everyone has stopped moving, commuting, travelling of their daily tracks. A small halt of this lockdown has brought many changes in our daily practices, which was once a social life for me has become an anti-social one. It’s common to look at social media as a medium for communication and comfort for many in this pandemic, but not for me. I stopped the use of social media since a long time, and I believe it helped me in this pandemic. It allowed me to think and not consume. 

For once I realized how much work my mother did in our house, and some kind of effort and engagement was practice from my side to help her after a few years. It becomes difficult to cope with family when you stay far; and this pandemic gave me this opportunity. For my dad, this pandemic became a vacation, and my mother was glad with it, as he spent few hours of the day at home, even though his office is at the ground floor. He is currently learning to play flute, which he wanted to since he was young, but never really got a chance to do that. 

My sister, who is a dentist was planning to go abroad for her further studies, is still in a strong dilemma regarding the same. She has been wanted to go since a long time, but the pandemic for her postponed her plans. 

As far as me, this pandemic helped me stabilize myself mentally. Being at home I found myself to be away from chaos, until the new academic year started.

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