A house was never really equipped as a working space, especially in terms of supporting it digitally. Not every member of the family has a device which can facilitate their work from home. Be it work or school curriculum or any other activity, for the time being all are being carried out online via digital platforms. Having provision for a computer/tablet/laptop for every member of the house was neither considered nor was it anticipated that a school going kid or a school teacher who usually conducts classes in person would require or need one at all.

Similarly various other professionals (where individual devices were provided at the place of their work), would require a personal device of their own. These devices (computer/laptop/tablet) were usually thought of as a common resource which can be used in turns and was usually regulated as per everyone’s daily routines (work/school timings and schedules) also the dependencies wasn’t so much and it’s requirements was highly limited in many cases. So a family working with these constraints have started to generate new routines which are solely based on the availability of these devices and a whole new range of schedules have emerged, working part-time the whole day. 

Use my laptop while I’m resting or sleeping, whenever.

I will take my bath before dinner so that the break is long enough for someone to do some of their work in the meantime. You can offset these meal times and other such activities in order to carve out some time for yourself to be able to do your work without affecting mine.

Once a day I will wash utensils and clean the house, just so that I can keep myself occupied in some other work while the other person can do their respective tasks on my laptop. Likewise many such household chores and other activities (dinner, bathing, naps, food preparations,etc.) were altered, offsetted between various members only to be able to use one device between multiple people who needed it.

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