The virtual space has opened up a variety of courses to a variety of people. Starting from your mother attending your college lectures to an architecture student attending law webinars. The sense of space-time has changed, earlier when being at two different spaces at the same time was difficult, now it is possible to jump from house cleaning to lectures to webinars to concerts to virtual games in short spans of time and all in the same space or with overlaps. Although the attention spans seemed to have decreased, where I am able to experience multiple realities at the same time, how attentive am I really and what goes unnoticed? When once the presence of another body made me behave in a certain way and now it’s just our faces that tend to respond, only the part of the body that the camera captures is the one interacting (like if the camera only shows my face, then it’s possible that me eating, talking are assumed as the only things I do,hiding other activities that are off my frame) while the rest stays absolutely disoriented (or maybe numb). When once the gaze of another body meant something, now I don’t know if someone’s really looking at me or not (when in a group).

My father started online photography lectures, the subjects also were modulated to what can be done from our house and with the minimum available equipment. The house was appropriated according to how we worked the space out. All unnecessary items went inside cabinets and minimal objects and furniture that could be easily moved, stay in the open. Sometimes the entire room was occupied by the temporary studio or was divided by the three of us making our own spaces by claiming individual furniture pieces. Although because there are three rooms and three people living, the overlaps are minimum.

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