During this unfortunate time of covid, we all have been at home because the school is “shut.” Though, a few privileged people like us have been able to adapt to the “new online way of education.” There are a lot of kids who used to go to government schools which still havent started. In fact they can’t afford the means to adapt to this life. There have been cases where the parents feel pressured because they aren’t able to afford basic services like mobile phones and internet for their kids to learn and have ended up committing suicide, who is the one to be blamed in this? Is education now only for those who are able to adapt to this system? 

A friend of mine told me about this initiative that an NGO was conducting of teaching kids online. It’s been more than 4 months since I have been teaching online to these kids through whatsapp video calls because a lot of their schools haven’t opened yet and so that they dont leave their touch with education. I started teaching them basics and slowly however I was able to help them out with their studies. It does take a lot of patience and energy because it is really very difficult to handle kids online and to keep them engaged and attentive throughout the session. It was a very good learning experience for me. There has been learning on both ends throughout these days but it’s fun. It’s never a dull moment with them; they always manage to lighten up things with their wide smiles and laughs.

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