“You’re on mute”

“Is my screen visible?”

“I’m unable to hear, lost my connection. Let me rejoin”

“You’re frozen”

“Arey, you’re on mute yaar”

“Go attend that webinar, Rahul Mehrotra is speaking today”

“Arey, wear your mask properly, you’re not mute I can still hear you”

“Do you have a sanitizer, can you give it to me?”

“Where will we meet, that place is shut”

“Madam, aapka parcel aaya hai lekar hi jaao na upar”

“Cycling karne jaate hai, milna bhi ho jaayega”

“Police vaale dekh rahe hai, stand a little far”

“Kaha khaye? Scooter pe hi rakhke khade rehke kha lete hai”

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