Pause in the means of financial incomes of individuals led many people to start with new temporary businesses or trades. Similar things happened in the family. Sources of wholesalers selling Sodium Hypochlorite, Sanitisers, Masks, Gloves and other sanitising equipment were found and contacted. These products were resold from the home. Information about the new business was passed on through WhatsApp messages. Continuous stream of messages and phone calls kept us all busy, and prevented us from getting bored. Everybody in the house was mobilised to find contacts to buy and sell the products. Eventually a network was developed of buyers and sellers with their own financial margins. This eventually led to new telephonic non-permanent friendships. Contacts were generated in a manner that if a particular product was demanded by a buyer, the information about the product such as the rates, availability, material, method of use was obtained within half a day. This eventually led to an exposure of how market finances function. For example, a product with a MRP of Rs.1500 as sold in a Chemist shop would be available to us at the rate of Rs.600-700 and sold at Rs.800-900. As the days passed, new contacts developed, similar product was later available at lesser prices and sold at lesser rates. My house at a time was fully occupied with cans of sanitisers and packets of gloves, masks and face shields .This new business has slowly begin to be a part of older business. These things are partially merged with the existing Paint shop.

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