As the lockdown continues, we are able to notice second-order effects leading to important shifts in the buying behavior of the consumer. Consumer spending is shifting to essentials, health, and hygiene products. Planned purchases are being put on a hold for the time being, and saving cash as much as possible is being prioritized. As consumers are asked to stay indoors, most of the shopping is carried out online. Medicine and grocery shopping are seeing a huge increase in sales, and hence e-tailers are seeing enormous growth.

Since consumers stay indoors, the medium of advertisement was shifted as there was no point in advertising where consumers were absent. Cinemas, magazines, newspapers, radio, and even printed advertisements were dropped instantly. Digital consumption enables advertisers to prioritize digital advertising. Immediately all brands were set out to create attractive propositions for their products to up their sales graph. 

Audiences and brands are adjusting to a new normal which is also reflected in their corona awareness advertisements. During the early stages of the pandemic, brands selling health, hygiene, personal care, and grocery items were seen creating awareness about COVID-19; in the latter stages, multinational conglomerates engaged in energy, chemicals, textiles, and telecommunications were seen advertising with messages that were focussed on corona awareness. These advertisements account for over 50,000 minutes of screen-time on television. McDonald’s created with an ad campaign called #touchthis where it captures moments of reluctance where people refused to come in contact with other people or objects. Parachute advertised and started an ad campaign with the hashtag #thankyounurses which showed corona survivors thanking nurses on the occasion of Onam. Nike created an ad campaign titled You can’t stop us, featuring all sports events that happened across the world, in a double frame showing all kinds of similarities between the two

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