SEA City, a Fortnightly lecture series, which were a local affair at the school, open to public has a small budget that invited mostly scholars and practitioners from Mumbai and a few from the country, The event was attended by people from the city but many were deterred by traffic jams in Mumbai and the audience had slowly started petering off. Recently before the pandemic we had started relaying the event live on Facebook. This saw a few more people. But the audience never exceeded  20 – 25 people from outside the school. With the pandemic and the complete semester going online, we started a new series on South Asian Architecture and Urbanism hoping to challenge the narrow parochial nationalistic boundaries around which architectural discourse tends to revolve through questions around ‘identity’. In the frame is Kazi Ashraf an architect and theorist from the Bengal Institute and a chat by an audience member Salma Begum, informing the audience of an online archive the the work of Mazhrul Islam.

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