20th March 2020, I returned from Ahmedabad at 7:00 am just two hours before the lock down started. I returned home after 5 months of my internship, so being at home was not such a pain. Eventually in a week we got to know one of the sheets from my dad’s inventory was being used for making protective shields for people. So I would  go to hospitals, police stations, factories for orders discussing designs, taking permissions for the car etc.

I often imagined  my car to be a  spaceship and me going for a space expedition. The car turned into a temporary home where i used to stay the whole day. My PP kit, was like my my space suit, which I wore everywhere. Driving on a road without people and cars was a terrible experience. Once i drove for half an hour but couldn’t find anyone on the road. It was really sad, and for the first time I found myself driving fast to reach home so that i could meet at least my mom and dad. I couldn’t think of a world without people. The idea makes you excited in the beginning but eventually you get to know how small you are and how community is important to you. 

When I reached home I was treated like an alien, where the building watchman would bath me with sanitizer and my car used to get sanitized. As I reached my house, my dad would drench me in sanitiser outside the house and then after couple of ayurvedic juices I was let in. I used to wear mask inside my house too. I felt ill treated but what could I do? The fear was real and I couldn’t resist all those activities. I never feared the corona virus  but  I feared of people neglecting me and avoiding me when i met them. I heard a parent scolding his kid because he was stand beside me. That was a really bad experience…. Eventually the secretary put restrictions on meetings in the building. 

But things became normal over a period… we would meet to play carrom on the terrace, walk, exercise etc. There were many experiences I went through during this lock down but this was one the most important ones for me.  

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